Episodic Lab Program Schedule | The Orchard Project

Program Schedule (2018 - Tentative)

DAY 1 (JUNE  12, 2020)

  • Writers and limited number of mentors arrive.

  • Evening orientation and panel with a guest mentor.

DAYS 2-3 (JUNE 13-14, 2020)

  • Writers have group feedback sessions with each other on their pilots, undergoind detailed analysis of each over the course of two days. In addition, each writer's pilot will have been given to an industry mentor for a first crit session, allowing for them to work through ideas and concepts behind their scripts. The focus on these first critical sessions are purely dramaturgical, and at least 50% of this time will also be allocated to allow writers time to work on their scripts.

  • Additional time may be allocated for on site and remote panels with mentors.

DAYS 4-5 (JUNE 15-16, 2020)

  • The fellows will be given a bit of writing time to incorporate notes into their pilot, start working on pitch documents and presentations.

DAY 6-8 (JUNE 17-19, 2020)

  • In the middle weekend of the program, fellows and mentors will convene sharing of work, writers rooms, and group dramaturgy. In 2019, this included the Orchard Project casting a group of professional actors and organizing read throughs of pilot drafts each morning during this period.

  • During this time, writers are paired with additional mentors, who provide another set of feedback on pilots and their new pitch documents, and a series of pitch panels are organized, both internally and with industry professionals, to help hone pitches.

DAY 9 (JUNE 20, 2020)

  • The morning will be spent with fellows making formal pitches of their project one-on-one to a final set of industry mentors.

  • Writers will also participate in a mock writers room with one of the guest mentors leading.

DAY 10  (JUNE 21, 2020)

  • One on one critiques with OP leadership to map out next steps regarding each project, and final  - each fellow and mentor will rotate through each other to discuss and work through ideas and concepts behind their scripts. 

DAY 11 (JUNE 22, 2020)

  • Close of Episodic Lab.