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The 2020 OP Liveness Lab

As part of the Orchard Project's commitment in 2020 to push forward rather than pull back in the face of COVID-19, we will be supporting a new online-only laboratory called the Liveness Lab. The Liveness Lab will explore how performance can address the questions of liveness and community in the current moment, looking into and beyond live-streamed video chat. From technical solutions to process based innovations, lab participants will explore possibilities, hear from experts in a variety of fields, and examine processes past, present and future.

During the first phase of the lab, around 15 different makers, teams, and companies will convene through weekly meetings and panels with leading thinkers (e.g. VR experts, app developers in the tech space, immersive event designers, etc). Members of the lab can enter with a project idea, though that is not required — it is anticipated that members will instead leave the lab with a project idea in early stages that the Orchard Project will be able to continue to support through various mechanisms. Part think-tank and part greenhouse, this first phase of the lab will culminate in a public convening (details to be determined by the lab) in mid to late July.

Participants can be based anywhere in the world. The size of the lab is possible to expand or shrink based on interest.

Applications for the lab are free to submit and due at 11:59PM EST on May 18, 2020. As soon as you submit your application, it will be reviewed, so please only submit once and feel free to save your answers offline before submission. The questions asked on the application are:

  • Your name and details
  • Tell us a bit about you (and your team, if a team or company)
  • Please tell us briefly about your interest in the Liveness Lab and about your work in the current environment?
  • What are some ideas/problems that you are looking to work on/solve related to liveness?

A STRONG NOTE ABOUT THE APPLICATION: We know that this time is a time of uncertainty and stress for many artists, and have made efforts for this application to be as short as possible while still being able to provide us with enough information to construct a high-quality cohort of aritsts and companies quickly. We are happy to read your thoughts, however, quickly they are written and we are reading these for understanding and not grammar.   

For more information about the Liveness Lab, please watch this information session from Facebook Live. You can also email Liveness Lab Coordinator Rachel Karp at rachel@orchardproject.com