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Falling For Make Believe


About the Show:

When Ryan J. Haddad was five, he founded an acting troupe called The Haddad Theater and forced his family to put on plays. Their living room antics drew such an audience that they eventually moved to the stage of the local community center, where hundreds of people paid a dollar to watch them read from notecards, sing to karaoke tracks, and execute excruciatingly long scene changes. Over eight years, Ryan would write (steal), direct (not tell anyone his vision), and star (star) in ten “productions” alongside his relatives. Now he’s coming to Joe’s Pub, telling tales of The Haddad Theater in a witty, whimsical memoir full of showtunes. Exclusively showtunes. Directed by Julian Fleisher, with music direction by Billy Stritch and Henry Koperski, FALLING FOR MAKE BELIEVE is a celebration of childhood dreams and a family learning to love the spotlight.

Upcoming Plans:

Part of the 2020 Under The Radar Festival at the Public Theatre (NYC)

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