Need or want to work on our application questions offline? Here are the questions in the app — feel free to copy and paste them into a document to work on at your leisure.

Basic Information

  • Your Name
  • Name of Your Project (if one) 
  • Best Contact Email        
  • Best Contact Telephone        
  • Lab Program You Are Applying For        
  • Is This Lab Option Your First Choice?     

Core Application Questions 

    • ARTIST STATEMENT: Tell us a bit about you (and your team, if a team or company)        
    • PROJECT DESCRIPTION (LONG): Tell us a bit about the work you are looking to accelerate with the Orchard Project        
    • PROJECT DESCRIPTION (SHORT): For Application Reference, Please Share A Short Project Description            
    • STATE OF DEVELOPMENT: Tell us a bit about where you are in your work/process       
    • WHY THE OP: How can the Orchard Project fit into your process?
    • For Performance Lab Only:
      • What time frames are best for your availability and project development?
      • Which option best describes your project's development needs?     

    Work Samples, Uploads, and Links   

    • WORK SAMPLE: Main Work/Writing Sample Upload(s) (if needed)        
    • Any Other Uploads (optional!)        
    • Work Sample Links (optional)        
    • Additional Details on Uploads/Links