The Reg E. Cathey Residency | The Orchard Project

In 2019, The Orchard Project has endeavored to create an annual residency at the Orchard Project honoring the actor and OP alum Reg E. Cathey. Many know Reg from his extraordinary stage work in New York City and around the country, as well  as his diverse work in film in TV from The Wire, to Fantastic Four, to his memorable and iconic performance in House of Cards. The quality of his performance was only matched by his excitement to a part of new work in many guises, which is what brought him as part of a team with British writer Che Walker to the Orchard Project in 2012 In 2018, Reg passed away. The Orchard Project has created a residency in honor of Reg, which will be awarded each year. The residency is given to a promising new work that mixes Reg's love for classic form and new ideas.



Tim J. Lord, On Every Link A Heart Does Dangle.

The town of Thebes was once the jewel of Southern Illinois, but the river has turned poisonous, the crops are failing, and pregnant women and their unborn babies are dying mysterious deaths, all while the town's leader has locked himself away, leaving the residents to cast about for answers. Suspicion falls on Mellie, a young woman born with a serious disability. Despised from birth by the gods and barely tolerated by the rest of town, it falls on her and the other women of Thebes to wrest power from the man who has led them to catastrophe in this radical reimagining of the Oedipus myth.