Saratoga Founders Club | The Orchard Project

The Orchard Project was born and has grown over the last eight years in Hunter, NY. In the Summer of 2015, it moved to Saratoga Springs, NY. In Saratoga, where the Orchard Project will be able to support even more artists and deepen its public impact through a performance program that will give audiences sneak peek access to innovative new work. With the Orchard Project's move, Saratoga Springs will become a hub for exciting new theater, spreading to theaters nationally and globally. As the Orchard Project continues to grow, the summer program will help Saratoga to expand its arts and tourism market.

A few select individuals have been instrumental in their help and leadership as the Orchard Project has made the transformational move to Saratoga Springs. In order to highlight their involvement, we are creating the Saratoga Founders Club. Members will get unique access to Orchard Project events and artists. Some open rehearsals will be open to Founders Club members only, and members will be included in special events with the artists in residence. The Orchard Project is a small organization with big impact, and we are grateful for those in the Saratoga community who have already taken an active interest.

If you want to learn more or get involved in supporting the Orchard Project, please e-mail Development Associate Charlotte Hopkins at or call +1 646 760 6767.