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Melody Cooper

Liveness Lab

Years: 2020

Weaned at a young age on sci fi and horror, I had no choice but to happily become a genre screenwriter. My dad was a science teacher who introduced me to science fiction, and my mother was an english teacher and poet who loved Poe and King. They were also both social justice activists and that lives in all my work. After George Floyd's murder, I was on a Juneteenth panel for the Writer's Guild with Black showrunners and Color of Change, which called for more Black writers on cop shows to bring more authenticity about police and the Black community. I was asked to join the 22nd season of NBCUniversal's Law & Order: SVU as story editor to work with showrunner Warren Leight. I started out in TV in 2019 as staff writer on the second season of the CW Network's Two Sentence Horror Stories, a show that focuses on social issues and women from a BIPOC p.o.v. I'm lucky to have had my work win or placed in several competitions. I'm very excited to have completed the 10-month 2019 HBO Access Writing Program, after doing a 2019 writer's residency at Yaddo in New York.​