How to OP Forward Week!

On behalf of The Orchard Project, a premiere new dramatic work accelerator, we are thrilled to WELCOME you to our Orchard Project Forward Industry Week and introduce you to our vibrant, diverse, and talented community of Orchard Project Artists and their innovative projects.

After a packed summer of artistic development and progress in Orchard Project labs, OP Forward is hosting a free virtual event and platform intended to introduce and connect OP lab artists across Theatre, TV, and Audio disciplines with industry professionals in those fields through a series of twenty minute virtual meetings. These meetings are chosen by the industry guest after looking at our online catalogue and scheduled and facilitated by the Orchard Project. To further amplify the understanding of some of our artists, there will be two live streamed Artist Q+A sessions.  

Setting yourself up is easy:

[DONE!] RSVP and register for free for OP Forward Week through our website and be granted access to browse our catalog of artists. You will make a secure password for our website,which will give you access to full project descriptions and the ability to make meeting requests.


Peruse and bookmark those artists of further interest. You can both find from the OP FORWARD WEEK menu item above, or click to see our Performance, Episodic, or Audio projects.

You will submit your availability for meetings through this link OR you will be prompted on the website after you bookmark potential artists.

Some notes:

  • You will be meeting artists virtually based on your provided availability and artist interest during the week of December 6-10th 2021.
  • We will make every attempt to honor meeting requests, but understand that some meeting and time requests may not work out during OP Forward Week. In those instances, we will put you in touch with the artists directly to help facilitate meeting.
  • If you choose your artist meetings by Friday November 5, 2021 you will have final bookings and confirmations of your meetings by Tuesday November 9, 2021.
  • If you choose your meetings by Friday November 12, 2021 you will have final bookings and confirmations of your meetings by Tuesday November 15, 2021.
  • If you choose your meetings by Friday November 19, 2021 you will have final bookings and confirmations of your meetings by Tuesday November 22, 2021.

Common Questions and Answers

Meetings will occur via video conference such as Zoom and Google Meets. we will handle all the links for meetings to make it easy for you.

Sure - just email and we will help.

No. We invited members of our extended industries to meet these artists for many reasons, whether they be creating connections, talking about future projects, and more. We will do our best to help set up as many meetings as possible.

The Orchard Project's 2022 lab programs will be announced shortly, with an application process taking place in late fall 2021. However, if you would ever like to speak to us about a particular project or artists that you think might benefit from our support, please feel free to email us at

Yes - the Orchard Project partners with producers in multiple forms in many ways, including working with them on specific projects or co-organized programs. One key version of these partnerships are our Residency Partners, which provide industry partners with ground floor involvement in the development process and community of artists at the Orchard Project. More information on Residency Partners is HERE, but you can also email us at for more info.

Need to contact us for any reason?
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