Open Process Talks

Open Process Talks

Past Open Process Talks

In the Orchard Project’s Spring Open Process Talks, we’re were excited to present three enriching dialogues about how artists are – quite literally – adapting. Focused on unpacking the creative processes of literary and artistic adaptation, each Talk approaches the theme of “Adaptation” from a distinct discipline-driven viewpoint. 
In anticipation of our inaugural Adaptation Lab this summer, we are thrilled to announce the renowned creatives who will join us in unscripted, organic conversations. As always, our Open Process Talks programming is free, dedicated to dispersing creative ideas widely and accessibly. 

Past Events:

May 23, 2022 – Revisiting Historical Performance Text
What does it mean to revisit historical performance texts, and why do we do it? Acclaimed theater artists, to be announced soon, join together to discuss navigating the works of dead writers, and their approaches to reinvigorating canonized texts and figures through utilizing theater as a forum for catharsis and political discussion.
June 6, 2022 – Composing for Adaptation
Visionary songwriters share from their work in an intimate setting and discuss their processes around their upcoming works. How can preexisting text serve as a useful point of departure for new composition?
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