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#HereToo Project


About the Show:

#HereToo Project is an ongoing series of devised plays amplifying the voices of gun violence survivors and youth activists. Using an open-source data base of interviews and other source material, each community can add their own local content to existing material, to make a version of #HereToo that speaks to its local concerns, events and activism. www.heretooproject.com

Upcoming Plans:

NYC national launch event: March 16th at 7:30 - Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan, with support from Tectonic Theater Project. current productions: #HereToo-WWU from Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA highlighted stories of tribal gun violence and prevention initiatives. It also tells the story of Maggie, a survivor of a local mall shooting who, motivated by the March For Our Lives activists, created a local teen gun-sense action group. This production performs in a competition in Fort Collins, CO Feb 18! #HereToo-Penn State highlights the experience of Penn State University’s international students as they confront their fears about America’s gun violence epidemic. This version also highlights the importance and emotional resonance of growing up in a positive gun culture of family hunting trips. We have workshopped the play and it will be part of Penn State’s theater season in Spring 2020. #HereToo-KUA (New Hampshire) at Kimball Union Academy, a boarding high school will take on a production this fall. This production is going to focus on technology in our theatrical forms.

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