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Surveys The Prairie Of Your Room


About the Show:

A dance/theater duet for WR Artistic Director Dan Safer and company member Ae Andreas about the permutations of relationships in liminal spaces, made to be performed in bars, lobbies, hotel rooms, as well as theaters and other traditional spaces.

Upcoming Plans:

The piece performed an excerpt on Sept 7, 2018 on ""44 Charlton"", Julian Fleisher's show on WNYC. Heather Christian is going to compose an original score for the piece. Ministry of Supply, a ""high tech performance business wear"" company, is providing us with costumes - they make amazing suits out of high tech Japanese 4 way stretch fabric. Their founder ran the Boston Marathon in one of their suits. Seeking presenting and producing collaborators. We will likely premiere a closer to finished version in Boston in February, and other plans in the works.

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