We make and support great new work. Pure and simple.

For over ten years, the Orchard Project has been a preeminent engine of new work in the theater world, helping over 300 shows develop and go on to stages as big as Broadway and as small as a basement in Sweden. Our ever-evolving programs aim to serve the best theater and performance makers in the world as they create and share bold new stories.

Our shows have garnered acclaim, from TONY and Obie awards to life in television and the big screen. The artists in our extended community are pushing the field of performance forward each and every day. Through residencies, developmental productions and other support activities, we take risks where no one else is willing to.

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The Orchard Project (OP) is a preeminent artistic development laboratory and accelerator for creators of performance and dramatic stories.

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PO Box 237091

New York, NY 10023

646 760 6767 x 101