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Orchard Project Forward is a new program focusing on the future of OP artistsā€™ projects, visions and careers.

OP Forward is the opportunity to expand our artistic commitment to the lab artists after the lab phase is concluded; cultivating continuing collaborative relationships and creating comprehensive support that is forward thinking and action driven. From tailored professional development to industry partnerships andĀ  community building events, OP Forward works to reimagine and reframe our resources in order to expand the potential for the further growth of new work. OP Forward will advocate for artists as an organization while also supporting and building an empowered community of artists who will advocate for one another.

Presenting program opportunities for lab artists and alumni to further creative momentum and work after Orchard Project labs.

We present a range of program opportunities for every lab artist and alumni to further their creative momentum and work after the lab. Artists and the Orchard Project will have the opportunity to choose to enter into an agreed-upon longer term relationship where OP will directly advocate on behalf of the artist in a range of ways to be decided upon on a project by project basis. OP Forward is rooted in innovation and personalization, breaking from a one size fits all model of creative support. We focus on responding and adapting our programming as artistic needs or circumstances shift. Currently, the program offerings are:

Recent OP Forward Events:

(virtually, November 7-10, 2022)

This week virtually connects and matches Orchard Project Lab artists with industry artistic leaders, producer and collaborators. A wide range of artistic industry members spanning across TV, Audio, and Theatre will choose from detailed artist virtual profiles who to have short meetings with about their work and their projects. With the Orchard Project as the host, we hope to form mutually beneficial relationships and partnerships to further our artistsā€™ work and create public platforms for their ideas and voices to be shared.

If you are a member of the industry and would like to participate in OP Forward Week, email us here.

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