How to Credit the OP

How to Credit the OP

The Orchard Project wants to remain part of the narrative of your work, and as a resident company or artist, your contract requires that you provide credit for any and all work accelerated during your time with us.

Doing so allows us to maintain a relationship with the work, with you, increase awareness of our efforts, and remain involved without encumbering the future life of your work. Without this evidence of successful development of the work we support, we also risk losing valuable donations and grants. For these reasons, we are adamant that all artists who develop work at The Orchard Project abide by the following clause in the residency contract. 

If, at any time, you have questions about your responsibilities as per your Orchard Project derived work, would like to discuss circumstances regarding a breach, or understand other aspects of the agreement, please email Lana Russell, Director of OP Forward, at any time (


Understanding Our Credit Requirements

The core credit component of our agreement is below. Put basically, a credit for the support the Orchard Project provided you is expected to be included in any webpages, emails, programs, etc for your production. It is that credit that is at the center of our agreement with you and paramount in maintaining our support for projects like yours.

If you are wondering where a credit is required as per our agreement, it is generally required to be separately mentioned ANY time a development, supporting, or originating producing credit is included. 

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(if you need another format, please email us at


(This is our agreement language as of 2022. If you have questions or need a copy of your agreement, please email us at any time). 

As a Participant, Owner, or representative of a company in residence at The Orchard Project, I agree to the following:

As it pertains to work(s) I develop in-part or in-full during my residency, the following developmental credit, with Orchard Project logo, will appear in all program and marketing materials, printed and online, alone on a separate line or on title credit pages, with the exception of printed paid advertising of less than 1/4 page;

“[Title of Project] was developed, in part, with assistance from the Orchard Project (, Ari Edelson, Artistic Director.” (with logo)

For all credits, Participant shall also require that the Orchard Project logo appear on the page preceding the first page of the text of the published Project issued in connection with a production of the Play. Author shall also use reasonable efforts that a brief bio and a listing of Orchard Project staff appear where bios and staff listings of other producers and institutions appear in all programs (e.g. Playbill) issued in connection with a production of the Play. The Orchard Project will provide the bio, staff listing and logo.

For developmental credits, credit shall also be provided in catalogues, publications of the Project in book, magazine or recorded form, and all multi-media or audio-visual reproductions or adaptations of the Play, including, but not limited to: motion picture, television, audio or video tape, compact disc, digital versatile disc (DVD), internet or any future such medium. Credits hereunder shall be in accordance with the format of the particular catalogue, book, magazine, recording, or audio- visual reproduction or adaptation, but shall in no instance be smaller than that provided to artists or staff also receiving developmental or originating production credit.

Author shall use best efforts to provide The Orchard Project’s developmental credit in all publicity and press releases about the Project and subsequent productions, whereever full production credits appear.


(This is our agreement language as of 2022. If you have questions or need a copy of your agreement, please email us at any time). 

In consideration for the Orchard Project supporting the Artist, Artist agrees that, in the case of sale or option of the Project, Orchard Project will be entitled to the following:

•.Orchard Project will receive a credit in the form of “PROJECT was supported by the Orchard Project [RELEVANT] Lab” along with Orchard Project’s wordmark in the Project’s credits, immediately following the cast list. (Orchard Project will provide the Orchard Project wordmark.) Orchard Project shall have the option in its sole discretion to withdraw its credit from the Project by written notice prior to the initial commercial release of the Project.
•.A description of Orchard Project’s contribution to the Project (subject to approval by Orchard Project) will be included in the Project’s production notes and in the Artist’s biography. The Artist will use best efforts to include references to Orchard Project and Artist’s participation in the applicable Lab in all other publicity.
•.The Artist shall use best efforts to provide the Orchard Project’s developmental credit in all publicity and press releases about the Project, wherever full production credits appear.

It is further agreed and understood that participation in the Orchard Project represents a significant financial investment by the Orchard Project in the Project, and remaining part of the narrative of your work is a key condition of the support the Orchard Project provides to you. Therefore, solely in circumstances when the aforementioned credit is under Artist’s control, should Artist egregiously fail to provide the credit as mentioned, Artist will be considered in breach of this agreement and agree to pay reimbursement for incurred costs.

Artist hereby grants the Orchard Project the non-exclusive right to issue and authorize publicity concerning Artist and/or the Orchard Project, and to use Artist’s name, likeness and biographical information in connection with the Orchard Project’s information and promotional materials.

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