What are the basic questions on the OP Application?
We have attempted to simplify our applications since 2022. Essentially, we want to 3 things – about you, about your project, and and about where you are in your process. We may ask for a small sample of your current or past work as well. Please see the Application Criteria link from the menu above for more info about the process.

Do I need to be based in NYC to apply to these programs?
Absolutely not, as many of our labs remain virtual at the moment. International applications are welcome as long as you can join lab meetings, which will generally be afternoons or evenings US EST time. However, for our NYC Greenhouse program, while we are welcoming applications from those outside the NYC area, please understand that there are meetings for artists to join in-person, and that experience may differ between local and non local artists.

Are commitments for each program compatible with a full-time work or student schedule?
While some of our labs require a full time commitment during the residency (e.g. our Performance Lab), many of our current lab offerings allow for the labs to be integrated into other schedules. We have had artists participate in these labs with new children, day jobs, student schedules, staff writing gigs, and more.

Are there any costs to apply or for being a part of any program?
There are no costs at all for participants. Please also note that, for our 2023 programs, application fees are waived for your first program application, but each subsequent application will be matched with an application fee of $25/application.

Is there financially compensation for these programs?
No, there is currently no financial compensation as a component of the Orchard Project’s current artist support programs. Even though all residency costs while on site in Saratoga Springs (housing, food, etc) are covered by the Orchard Project, we acknowledge that inadequate compensation is a significant barrier to participation for many, and are working to address those deficiencies in our programs.

What are our obligations to the Orchard Project for your support?
In an attempt to make all our growing labs consistent, this has changed in 2023. More information is on each lab page, and sample contracts are even available, but in general, lab participants are solely required to provide credit back to the Orchard Project for any work developed within its 2023 labs.

How has COVID-19 impacted this seasons programming?
All of our programming will exist virtually until such time as it is safe for us to convene in Saratoga Springs once again.

Does having an agent affect my eligibility for any of these programs?
No it does not, although our programs are best suited to those with some experience manifesting their work in public, in any sphere.

Can I apply for more than one program?
Absolutely, although you will likely be invited to a max of one program. Please also note that, for our 2023 programs, application fees are waived for your first program application, but each subsequent application will be matched with an application fee of $25/application.

I am a past OP artist – can I apply again?
Of course! We try to balance the need to open ourselves up to new and diverse voices with also being a true home to our current family of artists. We never see a residency as a one off, but rather as the beginning of a relationship. Hopefully you will too.

When will I hear back?
Expect to hear from us in late spring, we anticipate our highest ever number of applications, and we apologize in advance if the review process takes longer than we would have hoped.

Are there age restrictions for applying to any of these programs?
No, there are not.

Can I be enrolled in school while attending any of these programs?
Yes, you may.

Will the entirety of the programs be digital or are there in-person components offered?
Please see our program information page for more information on each lab, as some labs will have in person opportunities and others may not.

Can my project be attached to a commercial producer/company and still apply?
The short answer is yes. We sometimes seek clarification of how we can best work with artists and partners already working together, but if you have any questions about this, please just email us.

If I am working with a collaborator, do we both need to apply?
No – one application is enough.

Who will be reading my application?
Applications will be reviewed by a diverse and distinguished group of Orchard Project friends and alumni.

Will I need a completed draft of my project as a part of my application?

How do we get selected?
Please read our 2023 application guideline and process document, linked above.

How long should my application be?
We hate long applications as much as you do, so our application is intentionally very short. Complete our short online questionnaire. As we are interested in you or your company first and foremost, we do not require you to submit full scripts or writing.

Do work samples need to be from the project we are proposing?
For the Performance Lab and Greenhouse, the objective for the readers will generally just be to get to know you and your work/POV as best as possible. So, the samples can really be from anything – as we know the work in both labs is in supremely early stages.

For the Episodic Lab, we have gotten a number of questions about whether non-project related samples are okay. While generally we would love to see samples from the project (as they will help provide context as regards the project itself), we want the process to be as accessible as possible. If you cannot provide a sample for the project, please don’t let that hold you back – please submit a different writing sample (and include a disclaimer to let us know on the cover page) – but please understand that it might put our readers at a slight deficiency in providing full context.

Additionally, there are links for additional samples, such as video or image links, available to upload. These optional uploads are not required and we cannot assure you that every single one of them will be viewed. The key sample for our panel to read will likely be a writing sample, but if the panelist is looking for more context (and if you are interested in providing additional materials), such optional materials are welcome.

Do the same group of people review applications for the various programs (aka should we post the same work samples twice)?
Some reviewers will be the same, and some will be restricted to just one program because of conflicts of interest. More important is the fact that the review panel is large enough that not everyone reading for one specific lab (e.g. Performance) will review every single application for that lab. Please assume that reviewers have not read something in another location whenever that question occurs to you.

How do I know my application went through?
On our application microsite (created so that we didn’t have to create extra costs for the program through a fee based system like Submitable), you will see the option to see all your applications in a table. On that list, it will have a status all the way to the right – namely, if the application is still in draft form. If that status says NO, then it means that your application was successfully submitted by you.

What happens after I submit my application?
Our initial application is intended to be the start of a conversation with you (albeit over the web) about the kind of work you do. Once we receive all applications, they will be assigned to readers and then come back to you shortly thereafter in order to add a few more specifics to your application. This system allows us to have many conversations simultaneously and slowly amass the information about you and your work our panel needs in order to create the most exciting and diverse season this coming summer.

Can I apply multiple times?
Yes. Please note that, for our 2023 programs, application fees are waived for your first program application, but each subsequent application will be matched with a nominal application fee of $25/application.

Who else will participate?
We have already hosted artists from companies as diverse as Tectonic, Elevator Repair Service, Radiohole, Pig Iron, the Royal Court, The National Theatre Studio (UK), Belarus Free Theater, The Rude Mechs, A.R.T., the TEAM, and The Civilians, so you can expect a very diverse group.

I can’t make the full dates the lab – can I just do a segment of it?
Sadly, no.

PERF LAB: I am not attached to a company – can I still submit?
YES! The focus of the OP in the past has been ensembles and companies, but it continues to expand to more and more disruptive work and disruptors in the arts. Thus, the OP has hosted a number of individual artists. The experience of mixing these individuals with companies in residence has always proven fertile, and as thus, we are now making the policy of allowing individual applications official.

PERF LAB: What disciplines will the OP support?
While the Orchard Project was set up to support theater, our support has expanded in recent years to include dancers, physical theater, composers, film-makers, novelists, and even app-makers. In 2020, we supported over 150 artists as they explored questions of liveness, and many of the digital projects from that discussion would find a natural home in our 2023 Performance Program.

AUDIO: Is the audio lab specifically for narrative fiction podcasts/audio events?
We look at the term drama with very open arms – so while the Audio Lab is primarily for fictional/dramatic work, there are definitely other projects we feel like could be supported in the lab.

EPISODIC: I don’t have a sample from this pilot, but I still want to apply. What do I do?
Please understand how we are trying to balance keeping our application easy with providing our readers with a full picture of the work you are looking to accelerate. While we would like this to be preferably/ideally from this project you are proposing, we will accept other samples as well. A sample from the pilot itself provides your strongest ability to align the writing with the rest of your application and understand how your point of view currently comes across in your writing, but if you cannot provide us with that, please just chose the most appropriate other sample of your work. If you have questions about this, please feel free to ask us at any time by emailing info@orchardproject.com.

EPISODIC: Will feature length movies be considered?
At this time, no. We are very mindful of having resources and bringing relationships to our labs that help accelerate the work of artists, and thus because of our limited support, we cannot include film content at this time.

GREENHOUSE: What disciplines are represented in the Greenhouse?
While the Orchard Project was set up to support theater, our support has expanded in recent years to include dancers, physical theater, composers, film-makers, novelists, and even app-makers.

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