Open Process

OP Open Process is a new free series of conversations and workshops for storytellers, curious practitioners, and artists of all types and experience levels.

Running in parallel with the OP’s usual lab offerings, OP Open Process aims to inspire making and provide tangible skills for working artists at all levels, in collaboration with those who have been at the forefront of creation.

The new program offers conversations around the ethics of making; business tools and advice for artists; TV and digital making; and creative prompts that allow makers, thinkers, and the broader community to engage in today’s state of performance. These workshops and discussions will embrace the shifts we’ve seen in the storytelling community from the pandemic by exploring our current questions as makers: How can one expand their inspirational toolset as a creator? What is the future of performance? How do we engage with storytelling in more equitable ways? By providing a space for a multi-layered discussion to anyone interested, we aim to broaden our community and spark thought and inspiration. 

OP Open Process is an effort to serve, deepen, and widen the rich artistic community around the OP during the pandemic. Harnessing the connectedness of the internet and accessibility of Zoom to remove barriers, OP Open Process embraces the creative and curious practitioner and welcomes them into our extended network. Responding to the reflection “What are both the opportunities and responsibilities of the artist today?”, OP Open Process looks chiefly to inspire while at the same time embedding all of its offerings with interrogations of justice, healing, and making in an ever-changing cultural landscape.

Recently in the Orchard Project's Open Process Series:

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