The Orchard Project #somethingnew Campaign

The Orchard Project #somethingnew Campaign

At The Orchard Project, we love to springboard new stories and storytellers in all their various forms — we are invested in all things new. 

Supporting new work — the riskiest there is — matters, and we want to turn this into wider movement.

In this vein, we are hoping to gather some select thoughts from you, our amazing alumni and artistic circle, on some of the new (or new-ish) art that has taken you by surprise or affected you in some way. If you’re busy making something new, we’d love to hear about that, too! Over time, we would like to collect these recommendations and thoughts and share them with our larger Orchard Project community (over 30k on email and social) to encourage them to take in something new and wonderful that they might not have been drawn to otherwise.

Doing this is easy — we just want a few sentences about some form of new art that excites you and we will turn it into something shareable. You can share anything you want, but if it helps, the following prompts might provoke a quick thought:

  • Share a new piece of work, new song, movie, or book that has moved you recently, and tell us why.
  • Tell us about a new artist, creator, or even movement in the arts you’ve discovered recently who/that is doing something unique and exciting.
  • Tell us about a new project or collaboration you’re excited about.

Thank you so much in advance for being a part of something new.

The Orchard Project #somethingnew Campaign
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