Baal & Dix

Baal & Dix


What do we do with problematic artists of the past? Devour them whole. Baal & Dix uses music, text, movement, and video work to create an immersive piece. ‘22 Philly Fringie Award for Immersive Work.
Project Status:Seeking production, co-production, tour.
Project Description:

“Baal & Dix is one of my favorite Fringe shows to date” - No Proscenium

Meet Bertolt Brecht and Degenerate painter Otto Dix. Kinda. Fact or fantasy? Either way, they’re yours to devour. Sing rousing songs, witness delicate movement sequences, touch your muse, and queer the facts. Meet us in the bathroom for some one-on-one.

Baal & Dix is a new immersive work that looks at prominent masculine artists of the Weimar Republic to explore how Jewish, Queer, and Femme identities manifested in the work. Rather than a single narrative, Baal and Dix is an episodic romp, more like a cabaret than a melodrama. Live performers and pre-recorded video combine in this mixed media immersive performance piece.

What do we do with "problematic" artists who are considered the masters of their field? How do we separate our response to the artwork from the human beings who created it? What if we like some of this toxic work? What does that say about us? Are we ok?
Baal & Dix invites you to peel off the rind and spit out the seeds in this new immersive piece.
“Die-Cast's Baal & Dix is everything a Fringe show is supposed to be” - Broad Street Review
“A pleasurable, eye-opening experience” - No Proscenium


Die-Cast is an artist collective that creates immersive performance art and installations. Our work is site-specific, be it in a physical or digital space.
We believe in queering the lines between genre and medium. We have collaborated with graphic novelists, earning a nomination for the prestigious Harvey Award. We have created work for outdoor galleries and Virtual Reality Environments. Our commissioned public works for Art Week Miami 2020 won the Juried Prize of $20,000.
Die-Cast is an artist collective that believes in radical collaboration. Our collective is made of performers, writers, visual artists, musicians, and designers. We use a collective creation model where each artist in the project takes on an authorial voice, crafting their work beyond the set boundaries of practice.
Our name comes from the metalworking process; we look to fill the space with our work and have our work shaped by the space.
We are endlessly curious.

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