Depression Box

Depression Box

Depression Box

Diana Oh

Depression Box is an Electronic Pop Music, Visual, Film, & Live Ritual performance in a Glass Box created by Unboxable Multi-discpilinary Musician and Queer Artist Diana Oh
Project Status:Seeking Production
Project Description:

Depression Box is an Electronic Pop Music, Visual, Film, & Live Ritual performance in a Glass Box created by Unboxable Multi-disciplinary Musician and Queer Artist Diana Oh "Zaza D" (they/them). It is a Live Music and Art Performance meant to be performed inside of a Museum that puts on display Diana Oh's Depression, as they read a real-life 4 minute journal entry written during one of their Depressive Episodes. The journal entry repeats as Oh builds a live pop song on stage via Vocals, Synth, and Electronic Loop Etudes. Each Etude welcomes the entrance of an Asian-American or Queer BiPOC Visual Artist to create their own mural inside the Glass Box. Each Visual Artist is from a different decade (ranging from ages 12-99 years old) who is medically diagnosed with Depression, as they create Visual Art within the Glass Box. The last Etude welcomes in a Graffiti Artist, as the song and the artistic chaos inside can no longer be contained by the Glass Box. It breaks open to free the Artists to move to the chaotic pulsing beat of the Song, as they are surrounded by the Art they've created, that has been underscored by the suicidal journal entry this entire time. Much like how Depression works in real life, as we somehow keep going despite the painful impossibility to continue.


Diana Oh (they/them/Zaza) is a Clairvoyant and multi-hyphenate Generative Artist — performer, musician, singer, songwriter, director of their own work, maker of installations, performances, concerts, and parties. Oh describes themselves as an open channel to the art that feels good to their body and is driven by pleasure, mutual care, and keeping things heart-centered. Oh’s work defies easy categorization. The New York Times called it “messy-beautiful,” “(a) blend of compassion, defiance and practicality” and “a glitter bomb of feminist and queer protest” Oh has been featured on PBS, NPR, Mic, SXSW, Sundance, Huffington Post, People Magazine, Vulture, Upworthy, Vice, The National, Refinery 29 (Top LGBTQ Influencer), MTV, Korean Broadcast Radio, The Public Theatre,Institute of Contemporary Art, Museum of Fine Arts, Bushwick Starr, Rattlestick Playwrights, Yale, Harvard Yard, The Harvard Arboretum, American Repertory Theatre, Little Island, Yonsei University and has travels with Shovels (@ProfessionalLapDog) to unexpected places with their work. You can watch their Concert Documentary OH FAMILY CONCERT on All Arts TV and PBS websites. @ohyeadiana

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How has your process changed over time?

I have an easier time cutting right through the bullshit

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