Katherine Craft

When a retired porn performer returns to adult film work after his mom has a stroke, he has to contend with a changed industry while maintaining the stable life he’s built as a husband and new dad.
Project Status:In development, seeking production company
Project Description:

DILF follows Isaac’s journey back into porn, while preparing for the birth of his first child and caring for his declining mother. He’ll be making OnlyFans videos and performing on shoots while keeping his 9 to 5 job, supporting his wife during her high-risk pregnancy, and managing care for his elderly mother. Somehow, he’s supposed to be able to get an erection under all of this stress.

We’ll also follow his wife Shelby during her difficult pregnancy, as she struggles to keep up with her demanding job. Then her mom finds out about Isaac’s porn career and launches an offensive at Shelby and Isaac’s marriage. And Roxy, this year’s hot starlet, is excited to take Isaac under her wing, even if it makes Isaac feel so old and out-of-touch that he’s quickly plunged into a midlife crisis.

This series will have a grounded and realistic approach to porn creation and performance, and show the complex, real people who make the content that everyone watches but no one admits to.


Katherine Craft is a Texan playwright and screenwriter with low vision. She received an HBOAccess Writing Fellowship, and her pilot Halfway, written as part of the program, premiered at the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival. She's the creator of the Snap Original Series Kappa Crypto and was a staff writer on the Apple TV+ series Best Foot Forward. She’s currently working on a scripted narrative audio series with Sonoro and Audible. She also founded Conspire Theatre, a nonprofit that used theatre to work with women during and after incarceration, and was a teaching artist for arts education organizations in Austin, Chicago, and London. She was the Hotline Coordinator for the Lilith Fund, an abortion fund in Austin, TX, for six years. She holds an MFA in Screenwriting from the University of Texas at Austin, where she currently teaches, and holds an MA in Applied Drama from Goldsmiths College at the University of London. She can always find something to laugh about, and her scripts handle heavy issues with a light touch and an eye for the absurd.

A Little Extra

How has your process changed over time?

I'm better at articulating my artistic vision, but I'm also more flexible with the outcome.

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