Fat Chance

Fat Chance

Fat Chance

Alys Murray

With the help of her imaginary friend (who happens to be an older version of herself), a teen girl attempts to navigate high school and life at an inpatient weight loss facility.
Project Status:The pilot is complete - I would love to land a development deal for the project.
Project Description:

"This is the story of the worst years of my life...it's a comedy."

14 year old Chance Stewart's life is one big, fat mess.

Her parents have shipped her off to live with her weird aunt in North Carolina. Bad enough, right? New school, new town, new life. But things are actually worse. Because Chance's parents haven't sent her there for a change of scenery. They've sent her there to attend an intensive weight loss program.

Thankfully, Chance isn't alone in her mission to survive high school and the Keys Weight Loss Facility. Her adult self, in the form of a narrator and imaginary friend, is there every step of the way. Mostly to laugh at her.

A half hour YA sitcom in the vein of "Never Have I Ever" and inspired by my own experiences as a child in an inpatient weight loss facility, FAT CHANCE asks the question, "don't you ever wish you could tell your teenage self that everything is going to be okay?" Heartfelt, deeply personal, and comedic, Fat Chance is about growing up, accepting yourself, and the misadventures you take along the way.


Alys Murray is a screenwriter and romance novelist from New Orleans, Louisiana. After graduating from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and receiving her Master’s in Film Studies from King’s College London, Alys became a three-time internationally bestselling romance novelist before transitioning to film and television writing. She has written for Hallmark, Lifetime, ViacomCBS, as well as for the U.K. market. Represented by Matt Felker and Norris Brooks of CAA, as well as Maggie Cooper of Aevitas Creative, she writes crowd-pleasing genre fare for the romantic in all of us.

A Little Extra

How has your process changed over time?

I've been many kinds of writer during my life so far - a playwright, a television writer, a novelist, and a feature screenwriter. As a consequence, I've had to develop many different writing processes. But generally speaking, my process is joy-centered. Is this project making me laugh? Does it keep me guessing? Am I as excited to write it as I want audiences to be when they engage with it? If the answers to those questions aren't resounding "yes" across the board, then I reevaluate my work and find the places where I can mine more excitement and delight.

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