Here Lies Truth

Here Lies Truth

Here Lies Truth

Sean Dunnington

Here Lies Truth is a Hawai'i playcast about truth, lies, and what's in between. Each episode intermixes authentic stories with micro-radioplays, but listeners don't know what's what and have to guess.
Project Status:Seeking production
Project Description:

In our post-truth society, where truth is perceived as malleable and optional, authenticity comes into question. What does it mean to share one's truth? How does one authentically write? Do these questions converge on a common answer, or do they oppose?

Welcome to "Here Lies Truth," a Hawai'i playcast delving into the intricate landscapes of truth, lies, and everything in between. Each episode weaves authentic stories from Hawai'i's dynamic community with micro-radio-plays written by me, a Hawai’i playwright! Listeners are challenged to discern between fact and fiction and reflect on the essence of truth itself.

"Here Lies Truth" comprises three distinctive components, changing with each episode: a Theme, a Storyteller, and a Special Guest.

1) Themes: From fear to sex to memories to colonization, our themes explore the dynamic nature of truth, revealing how the concept morphs with each narrative.
2) Storytellers: A diverse array of voices, including actors, comedians, journalists, and anyone who considers themselves a storyteller, share their personal truths. The challenge lies in discerning where their stories blend with the concealed truths of micro-radio-plays.
3) Special Guests: From scholars to activists to doctors, our Special Guests bring unique perspectives on truth. They actively engage, listening to each Storyteller audio clip and making educated guesses about the veracity of each narrative. Can they guess the truth?

Yet, "Here Lies Truth" is more than a guessing game. It's an exploration into the essence of truth itself—a dynamic conversation between the Storyteller, the Special Guest, and me, your host, Sean Dunnington. As a playwright who lies to tell the truth, I've grappled with the delicate balance of writing from my truth without fully revealing it, creating something universally relatable yet intimately personal. That's what inspired this podcast/radio drama.

With generous support from the East-West Center, providing essential equipment, and featuring Special Guests offering unique perspectives on Hawai'i through their work and lived experiences, we embark on a journey to unravel the intricate intersections of truth, storytelling, and place. And no place is quite like Hawai'i, our beloved home.

Join us on "Here Lies Truth," where the line between reality and fiction blurs, and the quest for authenticity takes center (audio) stage.


Sean Dunnington (he/him) is a queer playwright and civic artist living between New York and Honolulu. Raised in a rural Paniolo town on Hawai’i Island, Sean taught himself how to belong by writing his own stories. His hybrid plays have been produced and presented Off-Broadway, in regional theatres across the country, local libraries and galleries, state museums, old attics, public radio stations, film festivals, and LGBTQIA+ centers. He’s been in residence with the East-West Center, Waiwai Collective, and the University of Hawai’i Truth, Racial Healing and Transformation Campus Center. He’s been a fellow with the Magic Theatre, Creative Labs Hawai’i, the California Arts Council, the National Collaborative for Health Equity, and the Culture of Health Leadership Institute for Racial Healing. Sean has led/facilitated over 100 free writing workshops and story circles for non-profits, public schools, and community centers across Hawai’i. He founded The Worms, a queer immersive theatre collective, and Tree Moss, the first-ever collective for emerging and established playwrights in Hawai’i. He received his BA in Applied Playwriting from the University of Redlands’ Johnston Center for Integrative Studies. He is pursuing his MFA in Dramatic Writing from NYU Tisch School of the Arts.

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