marked green at birth, marked female at birth

marked green at birth, marked female at birth

marked green at birth, marked female at birth

Sophie Sagan-Gutherz

Six tweens navigate the horror and bliss of middle school. They unlock newfound gender dreams, queer desires, and survival in a world where “females” are expected to, well, “ShhHHHHhhhhHHHHH!!!!”.
Project Status:In development. PLEASE NOTE: While this artist is a member of the Orchard Project’s 2022 lab programs, this project has not been worked on within our developmental labs.
Project Description:

It is 2008 and six tweens navigate the simultaneous horrors and bliss of middle school. EVE, the Popular Girl, JAZZ, the Head of the Drama Club, BLAKE, the Drama Club Kid (who's only there cuz they can dance), FLO, the Teacher’s Pet, and CHICK, the Goth Loner, find themselves united in gendered detention known as “Friends of Female Focus: A Safe Space for Sharing and Caring for Troubled Girls”. A meeting is interrupted when STAR, the genderqueer dubbed “tomboy”, unexpectedly returns to school after a strange disappearance. Soon after, a video of STAR’s vagina is being mass texted on flip phones around the school. Internet obsessions are rampant and the characters intermittently exist in the cyber world where they interact with frighteningly honest male voices over AOL Instant Messenger (AIM). From forced 5 Mile Runs in P.E. in order to “fight the obesity epidemic” to the life and death question “Who are you going to The Dance with?”, the characters find community in each other, unlocking new friendships, gender, and queer desires, and ultimately survival in a world where “females” are expected to “SHHHHHhhhhhHHHHHHhhhh!!!!!!”.


Sophie/Soph (they/them) is a writer, actor + singer who schleps around NYC occasionally donning a butterflied-covered cane. Current member: Greenhouse Lab (Orchard Project). Full-lengths: the scold's bridle (NPC Semi-Finalist 2022, O’Neill; Speakers Corner) and marked green at birth, marked female at birth (Pride Plays 2020; PlaySpace Semi-Finalist, Pipeline, 2020). My words have been developed with the 24-Hour Plays, Fresh Ground Pepper, and the Williamstown Theatre Festival (WTF). Finalist: Writer/Director Lab w/ Jaye Hunt (Soho Rep, 2022); J. Michael Friedman Fellowship (WTF), Youngblood (EST, 2021), The Jam (New Georges, 2020), Emerging Writers Group (The Public, 2020). Semifinalist: R&D Group (The Civilians, 2020). Poem publications: subTerrain Magazine; Sante Fe Literary Review. I scored a BFA in Drama from NYU Tisch, where I was deemed “boisterous in ballet” and graduated w/ an Honors Thesis in Theatre Studies because I'm a giant slut for research.

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