Regina Kim

A Catholic nun discovers she’s pregnant and attempts to hide her affair with a married man by claiming it’s Immaculate Conception.
Project Status:Seeking production, seeking showrunner to attach and pitch to studios
Project Description:

PARAMOUR is a series about Sister Veronica, a Catholic nun who tells an unholy lie and must navigate the subsequent circus that follows. But of course, it’s much more than that.
The show explores Catholic convent culture in a not-so-pious light: these nuns frequent gay bars and steal Sacramental wine from the tabernacle to play Wine Pong. It’s also a conversation about Catholicism in an era where religion is as outdated as Windows XP. How far is the Diocese of Oakland and the Vatican willing to go to protect their image? What happens when Catholics for Choice use Sister Veronica’s platform for their message? And how do both sides manipulate the abortion debate today?
Furthermore, the series examines the media’s deliberate sensationalization of the news. Through Camira Chang, a journalist at the San Francisco Chronicle, PARAMOUR’s B-story scrutinizes the newspaper’s handling of the speculative story behind the Immaculate Conception, especially during a time when science, medicine, and technology is as advanced as they’ve ever been. We follow Camira’s journey to renegotiate her journalistic integrity in the search for truth.
And if none of these strike your fancy, at least there will be plenty of drunk nuns.


Regina is a Korean American screenwriter and was a participant in the 2022 Orchard Project Episodic Fellowship. A graduate of the UCLA MFA Screenwriting program, Regina's horror TV pilot about sleep paralysis, INCUBUS, is a 2019 BloodList Fresh Blood Select, a Sloan Finalist, and a Humanitas Semi-finalist. Her comedy pilot PARAMOUR won first place in the 2020 UCLA Screenwriting Showcase. Regina was also a Finalist for NBC's Writers on the Verge Program 2020. She resides in Los Angeles and speaks fluent Korean.

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