Alexandra Lane

A darkly comedic look at a typical day in the life of an abortion practitioner in New Mexico the day before ROE V. WADE is struck down.
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Project Description:

The day before ROE V. WADE falls, slammed with patients from Texas’ ‘abortion desert’, a New Mexico women’s health clinic is working Saturdays now. Normally the clinic is bustling with teen moms, second or third pregnancies, or even women looking for some filler (this clinic contains multitudes, even beauty services). This particular Saturday, there’s an emergency abortion case. New patient, KENDALL, has had a rare immunity reaction to her pregnancy that’s caused her to slowly lose her vision. She needs an emergency procedure to reverse it. Tension escalates when MAEVE, the medical director, must turn to her own brother ISAAC -- a respected Pediatrician, whom is highly evangelical like the rest of Maeve’s family -- and get him on board to supervise the procedure due to insurance blunders. All while SAM, Maeve’s father, is holding a fundraiser to further pro-life efforts to limit access to abortion in the state.

How far will Maeve go to save the clinic and her patients, and do the ends justify the means?

ROE V. MAEVE unveils the dark comedy behind one of our political systems most contentious topics — (You guessed it) Abortion. ROE V MAEVE highlights the front lines of reproductive healthcare’s battlegrounds — the abortion clinics in border states. Inside the clinic is the heartbeat of our show, when it’s viable. You’ll get an ensemble cast with rotating women’s stories. Our ‘case of the week’ is a different person’s abortion story who comes into the clinic. The comedy comes within the antics of the clinic, and the power struggle between both sides of the abortion debate. Our serialized elements add emotional depth, as Maeve must battle with her own family over reproductive rights in her city, the conflict of the century. You're signing up for Righteous Gemstones meets Nurse Jackie with a dash of Orange is the New Black, while diving into the secret power in repro justice.


"Alexandria Lane is a Screenwriter and Director, with a background in Art Direction. A 7th-generation Texan meets a queer modern feminist - Lane’s culturally clashing background leads to character-driven stories that flip western stereotypes, and an unreasonable obsession with outlaw-country karaoke. Lane chooses to exclusively write from a female-gaze, because the world doesn’t see enough of their better half represented. Lane’s dark comedy pilot, ROE V. MAEVE, was a finalist for the Humanitas New Voices Fellowship and was featured on Coverfly’s Redlist for Top 20 TV Comedies in 2022. Her screenplays have been recognized by the Blacklist, Women in Film, the Sundance Labs, ISA, ScreenCraft, WeScreenplay, Humanitas, Austin Film Festival, the PAGE Awards and Stage 32. Her most recent directing works include festival-favorites A TINDR TRAP, LEATHER DADDY and HOT SHEET MOTEL (Fall 2023).

Lane consistently builds platforms for diversity. In 2018, she founded the creative agency Alpha Female Films, which ran a panel on power in film representation at SXSW 2019. In 2016, Lane created the pop-up art gallery MILK+Cereal, where she curated LGBTQ-inclusive art, performance and film screenings. It was highlighted in Austin’s annual art festival, ‘East Austin Studio Tour’."

A Little Extra

How has your process changed over time?

As an Art Director I was taught how to build worlds from the outside in - I now approach story as a writer from a world-building POV that is specific to each character.

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