The Bond

The Bond

Amber EfƩ

A coveted invitation to join an exclusive secret society at an elite university is a dream come true for a former foster kid, but when tragedy befalls one of her new sisters, she'll risk it all to uncover whodunit.
Project Status:seeking production
Project Description:

Nichelle Simpson is a star political science student and former foster kid from one of Hemings Universityā€™s neighboring communities in Washington, D.C. She has only caught glimpses of the glamour, excellence, and privileges of members of The Bond, but she knows thereā€™s something special about those ladies with the golden brooches. Receiving an invitation to join The Bond would be an honor and an indicator that Nichelleā€™s on the right track to ā€œbe somebody.ā€ Plus, membership in this intergenerational circle of friendship would give her sisters, aunts, mentors, maternal figuresā€”the family for which she has longed for years. Nichelle accepts the secret societyā€™s invitation with enthusiasm, but when tragedy befalls one of her secret sisters during the membership intake processā€”and body parts start showing up all over campusā€”she and her fellow initiates risk it all to uncover whodunit and whythefuk. If The Skulls and School Daze had a love childā€¦it'd be THE BOND.


Amber EfĆ© elevates unmined Black narratives across the U.S., West Africa, and the Caribbean. She grew up entering essay contests for fun (#nerdlife) and thought sheā€™d become a journalist, but her first lovesā€”dance and musicalsā€”led her to Broadway, off-Broadway, regional theater, commercials, television, and film. She also has extensive experience in content development, public relations, and crisis communication. These dual (read: dueling) trajectories in the arts and communications required her to proactively seek, understand, and translate an array of personal, collective, and institutional narratives. Amber is an alumna of Howard University and the University of Pennsylvania and lives in New York City, on the island of Manhattan, in the village of Harlem. She will talk your ear off about the Jacksons, Peloton, the Harlem Renaissance, Jane Austen, and how Atlanta influences everything.

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