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What do you do when you can foresee impending disaster, but you’ve been cursed and no one ever believes you—not even your mother? A wild, frightening, comical, absurd take on the story of Cassandra.
Project Status:Commissioned by the Getty Museum. In development, seeking production after April 2022, when we will show a work in progress at the Getty.
Project Description:

Cassandra can see the future. She can see each impending disaster—war, siege, destruction, a bit about a big wooden horse, even her own death. She tries to warn others, but each time, she is disbelieved, ignored, restrained, deemed mad. So what’s she supposed to do?
Sinking Ship’s latest work is a wild, frightening, comical, absurd take on the Greek legend of the woman gifted with prophecy and cursed never to be believed.

"Your reign will end under water.
Oceans will close over your head
And the heads of generations
And I will be your slave till the end
No future for you without me in it
Blood runs through generations
And blood runs out
And blood pools
In blue bathing pools
Blue and red make green
Green waters will rise"

CASSANDRA is an original work of physical theater created by director Jonathan Levin, playwright Josh Luxenberg, performer Lisa Maley, and performer/movement director Nessa Norich. Commissioned by the Getty Museum.


Sinking Ship Productions, a New York-based theater company, is the creative collaboration between Jonathan Levin and Josh Luxenberg. We work with a core group of Associate Artists, combining physical theater, puppetry, music and movement in delightful, strange and unexpected ways.
Founded in 2008, Sinking Ship’s original works include The 7th Voyage of Egon Tichy, an original live streaming performance based on the story by Stanislaw Lem (Theater in Quarantine; New York Times Critic’s Pick); A Hunger Artist, based on the story by Franz Kafka (premiere at Connelly Theater, 2017, co-produced by The Tank’s Flint & Tinder series, nominated for Drama Desk Awards for Outstanding Solo Performance and for Outstanding Puppet Design; UK premiere at Edinburgh Fringe, 2017, WINNER - Summhall's Lustrum Award for Excellence; tours in the US and Europe), Powerhouse, about the idiosyncratic composer Raymond Scott (workshop at FringeNYC, 2010; premiere at New Ohio Theatre, 2014, O’Neill Playwrights Conference Finalist, 2012; New York Times Critic’s Pick), there will come soft rains, a triptych of science fiction stories (FringeNYC, extended at Barrow Street Theater, 2008), (work-in-progress, Dixon Place’s Little Theater), Section B, a site-specific séance in several tries; Ocean (work-in-progress, Mabou Mines Resident Artist Program, 2016), and Flatland (work-in-progress, EST/Sloan Foundation Commission, 2010).

Nessa Norich (Movement Director/Performer/Co-Creator, she/her) is an interdisciplinary artist who trained at the Lecoq school for physical theater in Paris. She has collaboratively created over a dozen original works of theater in NYC and Europe, at such notable venues as the Institute for Contemporary Art, The Battersea Arts Center, and the British Film Institute in London, the Edinburgh Fringe, Showbox Festival in Oslo, the New Orleans Fringe Festival, and Magic Futurebox and Joe’s Pub in New York City. Her work has received critical acclaim most notably in the Huffington Post and the NY Times and has been recognized with a 2016 NY Innovative Theater Award.

Jin Maley (Actor/Co-Creator, they/them) is an actor based in Los Angeles, and an Associate Artist with Sinking Ship. Their film and TV credits include Bodied, Happy, Bones, NCIS, NCIS: LA, Rizzoli and Isles, Shameless and Silicon Valley. They have performed in theaters in New York, Los Angeles, London, and Moscow, and they hold a M.F.A. in Acting from the American Repertory Theater/Moscow Art Theater School Institute at Harvard University. They currently teach Acting at the Michelle Danner Acting Studio and AMDA. Lisa is non-binary and uses singular they pronouns.

Josh Luxenberg (Playwright/Co-Creator, he/him) is a playwright, director, and photographer, and co-Artistic Director of Sinking Ship Productions. Credits with SSP include: THE 7TH VOYAGE OF EGON TICHY (Theater in Quarantine; NYT Critic’s Pick); A HUNGER ARTIST (Connelly Theater/The Tank, two 2018 Drama Desk nominations, and winner of Summerhall's Lustrum Award for Excellence at the Edinburgh Fringe 2017), POWERHOUSE (New Ohio, O’Neill Playwrights Conference Finalist), SOLARIS (Mabou Mines Residency), FLATLAND (EST/Sloan Commission), THERE WILL COME SOFT RAINS (FringeNYC). Josh co-wrote THE DIAL, an interactive narrative augmented reality installation created by NightLight Labs (premiere at Sundance Film Festival 2019). Josh is the General Manager of the Connelly Theater, where his programming includes Will Arbery’s PLANO (Clubbed Thumb), MANDY PATINKIN IN CONCERT: DIARIES (New York Theatre Workshop), The Bengson’s THE LUCKY ONES (Ars Nova), FUTURITY (Soho Rep./Ars Nova), LYPSINKA!, THE OFFENDING GESTURE (The Tank), and Daniel Kitson’s A SHOW FOR CHRISTMAS. He worked in the writer’s office of HBO’s THE WIRE, and is an alum of the Baltimore School for the Arts and Oberlin College.

Jon Levin (Director/Co-Creator, he/him) is a director, performer & puppeteer. Recently, Jon co-created and directed the 7TH VOYAGE OF EGON TICHY (NYT Critics Pick), and FOOTNOTE FOR THE END OF TIME, both with Theater In Quarantine. Jon’s work in A HUNGER ARTIST earned him nominations for two Drama Desk awards: Outstanding Solo Performance and Outstanding Puppet design. Directing credits include FINDING BALANCE with Alarm Will Sound, The Grandel, St. Louis, POWERHOUSE at the New Ohio Theatre (NYT Critics Pick), SOLARIS (Mabou Mines Residency), FLATLAND (EST/Sloan Commission) THERE WILL COME SOFT RAINS at FringeNYC (Excellence Award for Outstanding Direction). In addition to his work with the Sinking Ship Productions, Jon is also a founding member of the Krumple Theatre company, with which he has co-directed and performed work throughout Norway and in NYC since 2014. As puppeteer Jon has worked extensively with Wakka Wakka: SAGA, ANIMAL R.I.O.T., & THE IMMORTAL JELLYFISH GIRL. Jon is a graduate of the École Internationale de Théâtre de Jacques Lecoq and holds a BA in theater and neuroscience from Oberlin College.

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